The Modern TechVVitch

The blog of Jasmin Hudacsek, Ruby & JavaScript developer, living in Denver, Colo.

About Jasmin

Welcome to the digital home of me--a beer drinking, face mask wearing, cold brew coffee addicted software developer who graduated from the Turing School of Software & Design in January 2017.

At Turing, I learned the fundementals of Ruby and both client and server-side Javascript as well as getting my hands dirty with professional web applications paired with strick test-driven and Agile develepment principles. A personal interest of mine is continuing to learn more about server management, security and continuous deployment.

Before Turing, I pursued a degree in Journalism and Digital Media with the hopes of eventually becoming a tech journalist. While that's still a dream of mine, I fell into the Denver startup scene as a project manager at a mobile development shop and became hooked on the idea of becoming a developer and technical product manager. While I was a PM, I earned a ScrumMaster certification and worked with both in-house and remote development teams in completely different time zones.

My passions include encouraging more honest diversity for PoC and women in the tech industry, better biking culture in the US, craft coffee/cocktails/beer and playing video games.

Interested in connecting? I'm pretty chatty on Twitter, so feel free to reach out at @j_sm_n.